Jay Milder: Wooster Street

I’m thrilled to announce that I have organized a show of very recent paintings by Jay Milder. Below are some installation views and the press release. The show is by appointment only, please find more information at the bottom of the press release.






Jay Milder: Wooster Street
Curated by Adam Zucker and Liza Papi

Exciting paintings not seen before in New York, have just arrived back from Brazil. Some of these works were shown at the museum of Modem Art in Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, and Brasilia, as well as a major graffiti gallery in São Paulo, where Jay is seen as a precursor to the vibrant graffiti and mural scene.

Milder is an influential painter from a generation of artists who established SoHo’s artist loft scene during the mid-1950s. It is our pleasure to present an exciting series of Milder’s recent paintings inside of a SoHo loft once again. 

Milder’s work has drawn praise by numerous art critics, art historians, and other artists from around the world. His upcoming schedule includes exhibitions in New York, Brazil, Provincetown, MA, and Italy, as well as being the feature of several major publications. 

The paintings will be on view and available to see by appointment thereafter. Please contact Adam Zucker: adamizucker@gmail.com for information about the paintings, and to schedule a viewing.


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