Rhino Horn is tough skinned, it sets out to confront and entice the viewer to participate in the Social, Spiritual, and Political Expressionism of their artwork. The Rhino Horn group is one of the original maverick groups, that came out of the New York School and continued the mode of American Figurative Expressionism. Rhino Horn’s art is art that is socially conscious, aware of the poignant nature of reality, but also is optimistic in its skeptical nature.

This blog is written and maintained by art historian and curator Adam Zucker. Adam has been researching, writing, and curating exhibitions in relation to the American Figurative Expressionist Movement. His 2013 exhibition Pioneers from Provincetown: The Roots of Figurative Expressionism was on view at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. He has also curated a retrospective of Figurative Expressionist painter Irving Kriesberg at the Longview Museum of Art in Texas. Adam got his Master’s in Museum Studies from The City College of New York where he wrote his Master’s thesis on the Rhino Horn Group. He also writes about the intersections between contemporary art and education on the blog Artfully Learning.

Aside from all Rhino Horn related posts, there will be posts relating to their contemporaries, as well as current events and contemporary discourse on socially engaged art and figurative art.

Contact: rhinohornartists@gmail.com for all inquires and comments.

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