It’s a Cold World but our passion lights our fire…Suggested Reading Edition

It is fitting that in the wake of the United States Presidential Election there has been an outcry of passionate reactions from the arts community. Below are a few selected articles about the state of the arts in the new age of Trump:

First and foremost what are Donald Trump’s policies and opinions about the arts? ARTNEWS takes a look at Trump’s history with the arts.

This editorial by Noah Fischer via Hyperallergic is a must read if you’re an artist or art world participant struggling with the idea of a Trump presidency.

Seminal social practice artist Caroline Woolard writes about how the art world might change for the better in the era of a Donald Trump presidency. via Hyperallergic

It is no surprise that artists are a large part of the opposition to the Trump administration’s hateful and undemocratic rhetoric. The Daily Beast describes some of the current protest art being made by contemporary artists.

Lots of artists had much to say about Trump’s victory. artnet asked 23 artists to speak about America under a Trump presidency.

The Huffington Post also published an article where contemporary artists have spoken about what it means to be an artist in the age of Trump.

And just in case you were wondering how a Trump presidency might effect the art market, The New York Times has published an article about the state of the art market post-election.


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