Suggested Reading: Fall is Coming Edition

– Whether you love Banksy or can’t stand Banksy, the artist sure knows how to get the masses attention. His latest project, re-imagines Disneyland, but more importantly, capitalism, and mass consumerism as a twisted dystopic nightmare. To me Dismaland draws some parallels to Paul McCarthy’s 2013 installation WS. Although I personally think McCarthey takes the cake on abjectness.

– What is on Glenn Ligon’s Summer Reading List? The conceptual artist reveals his ten favorite books. Which artist’s literary mind would you like to pick?  via ArtNews

– Peter Schjeldahl is one of the more prominent critics to have written about the Rhino Horn Group in the 1970’s. Schjeldahl’s critical voice is a true testament to all art writers, and this conversation with him and Jarrett Earnest is nothing short of inspiring: via Brooklyn Rail

– Artists in Toledo, Ohio know of a great use for abandoned space! Check out this group show taking place in a vacant department store around the theme of cultural aspirations: via Hyperallergic

– “The less artists are valued for their creativity, the less encouraged they will be to produce, and the fewer cultural goods will be left for posterity. Imagine a world without creativity, that would be the greatest cost to society. ” That statement is from collector Sylvain Levy. Levy and other Collectors, Artists, cultural makers, and gallerists weigh in on the debate over what sales compensation should be for the artist and the gallery. This is a must read: via The Art Newspaper

-If Donald Trump were to win the presidency, Hanksy should definitely be the one to paint his presidential portrait: via Gothamist


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