Suggested Reading: Long Live Art Edition

– The idiom “Painting is Dead” has been thrown around by many artists and critics alike since the end of the Modernist era. What do we mean when we declare that a movement or a style is “dead?” Is painting today viewed by a new generation reared on digital media as an anachronism? I don’t know the answer (a poll might be in order), but Seph Rodney has published a short but sweet piece in Hyperallergic that is also generating some interesting discourse in the comment section. via Hyperallergic

– “It is a hobby of all cultural fields to bury their critics every few months with another essay on the death of criticism. But one afterlife we may not have considered rigorously enough is online publishing.” This is a must read by Orit Gat which states that art critics need to get serious if we want to thrive online. via The Art Newspaper

– Shocking but welcome news: Chinese Authorities have given Ai Weiwei his passport back after having it revoked for 4 years! The artist made the announcement on his Instagram account. via artnet 

– In related news, another activist artist has been re-granted their passport. Tania Bruguera had been stuck in Havana for planning a performance critical of political oppression, and after months of limbo and struggle she has been green-lighted to leave the island. Bruguera has an esteemed position in New York City awaiting her. The mayor’s office of immigrant affairs recently appointed Bruguera as the first artist for its residency program. via Miami New Times

– The New York Times’ David Brooks wrote a profile on Dustin Yellin’s Pioneer Works, calling the artist a “modern community builder.” via The New York Times


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