Suggested Reading: Law and Order Edition

– The story of the two escaped Upstate New York prisoners just gets weirder by the day. The latest piece of information is that a prison guard was trading the two men tools in exchange for artwork…The artwork was apperantly destroyed, but even if it was good work, this whole ordeal is in bad taste. via The Wall Street Journal

– Street art provocateur Shepard Fairey’s antics don’t “obey” with the law once again. The City of Detroit has issued an arrest warrant for the famed artist. via Detroit Free Press

– A renowned Turkish artist who got the President of Turkey fined, is now facing legal trouble himself. via Hyperallergic

– The CEO of J.Crew is selling his mansion in Montauk, which was once owned by Andy Warhol.  The one thing that ruins this home’s sheer impressiveness is the numerous confederate flags seen hanging around the house. J.Crew has been in some media hot water lately due to massive layoffs. via Art F City

– A Brooklyn based artist is suing Starbucks for stealing one of her designs. via Entrepreneur


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