From the Archives: Rhino Horn at Open Mind

It has been widely articulated by many who’ve reviewed the challenging exhibitions of the Rhino Horn group that a viewer must have an open mind when looking at these images of humanity in crisis. Therefore it is ironic that the group had a 1975 exhibition in New York City’s Open Mind gallery. Not much information exists on this obscure SoHo art space at 66 Greene Street, however it seems as if it was in operation during the 1970s showing artists like the Jazz producer and photographer Hank O’Neal, Paul Spina, and Satish Joshi, as well as performance art and poetry. According to O’Neal “the gallery could only be reached via a loading dock and I shared the space with the release of a book of poetry by John Giorno entitled Cancer In My Left Ball.”

Below is a review by Jessica Blake of Rhino Horn’s 1975 exhibition at Open Mind that was published in Arts Magazine.

Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 1.17.16 AM


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