Suggested Reading: Summertime and the Living isn’t Easy Edition

– With long-term concerns over fair wages and working conditions, Bay Area artists and adjunct professors are bonding together to unionize. via Hypergallergic

– Migrant workers are dying at an alarming rate while working on building for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. A selection of artists have released graphic statements condemning FIFA and the World Cup’s corporate sponsors. via artnet

– Jacob Lawrence’s magnum opus the “Migration Series” depicts some of the bleakest and troublesome moments in American History. Joanna Robotham writes about the series in her review of the exhibition One Way Ticket: Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series and Other Works, currently at MoMA. via The Art Newspaper

– “It is when one really starts thinking about the implications of “Why have there been no great women artists?” that one begins to realize to what extent our consciousness of how things are in the world has been conditioned—and often falsified—by the way the most important questions are posed. We tend to take it for granted that there really is an East Asian Problem, a Poverty Problem, a Black Problem—and a Woman Problem.” That quote and more are from a critical essay by Linda Nochlin, which was originally published in the January 1971 issue of ARTnews. via ARTnews

– An art festival organized to take on “the rampant political interference in the current Hungarian cultural infrastructure as well as the strong dependence of the scene on state funding,” was just launched in Budapest this past weekend. via The Art Newspaper

– A creationist museum supporter stumbled onto a major fossil find, and it refutes everything he believes in. Whoops. via Washington Post


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