Suggested Reading: Art School’s Out Forever Edition

– “If only they understood that I am doing what any artist does, which is revealing the internal dynamics, revealing something that is there but is hidden. With [#YoTambienExijo] I have removed the armour, and everything that the government does is visible, is exposed. ” Tania Bruguera won’t let her oppression in Cuba go unseen/unheard. The artist is planning to stage a new political project in Havana. via The Art Newspaper

– There’s no business like privatized education, like no business I know. MFA students from the class of 2015 at the University of Southern California have boycotted their graduation. They did this in solidarity with the entire first year MFA class who dropped out due to negative curriculum changes and false promises from the University. via Hyperallergic

-The class of 2015 just graduated at Columbia. This class included BFA student Emma Sulkowicz, now famous for her piece “Carry the Weight,” a work of endurance performance art that she carried out during her final year at the Ivy League school, which has been lauded as a powerful form of activism against sexual abuse. The piece has come to an end with her graduation from the University. via Slate

– Thanks to a bill that was just passed by the New York City Council, we the people may have a much more profound say in what art should exist in our public spaces. via artnet

– In the wake of the massive cultural devastation in war ravaged Iraq, “cyber-archaeology” takes one giant leap for humankind, and seeks to salvage these lost historical treasures. via BBC

– The New York Times has released a short documentary on Chris Burden’s landmark artwork “Shoot,” which features interviews of the artist and his friend who shot him in the arm. via The New York Times

– The Guerrilla Girls are in the collection at The Whitney. They even rubbed elbows with the rich and famous during the museum’s inaugural bash (wearing their gorilla masks to remain anonymous of course). They are legendary art world activists, however, they still remain outsiders in the global art world. While the Guerrilla Girls continue to push the envelope of art-world critique, there is also a new crop of activist artists. Some of whom are profiled by Jennifer Smith in the Wall Street Journal. via Wall Street Journal


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