Suggested Reading: It’s Heating Up

– Iranian born artist, Roya Farassat creates Rorschach inkblots that addresses themes of loss and oppression, in reaction to the violence within the Middle East. via Hyperallergic

– He has been dubbed “the poster-boy of socially engaged art.” Theaster Gates gets a nice profile piece written by Tim Adams. via The Guardian

– A sad story about one of the most underrated museums in the city. The fate of the Museum of Biblical Art is not eternal. via The Atlantic

– While you’re enjoying the flourishing artistic prowess at the Venice Biennale, remember, Venice is dying for these six reasons. via The Art Newspaper

– Tania Bruguera will not be able to attend the ceremony rewarding the artist the Herb Alpert award. The Cuban-American artist has been unable to leave her native homeland after being detained for planning a performance around the theme of free speech. via LA Times

– Speaking of detainment, the illicit Eric Snowden bust has emerged from NYPD custody. via Gothamist

– Ben Davis on why he feels the new Whitney Museum is “worrying for art.” via artnet

–  This is not news, but still a very good read. William Powhida writes “Artistic success in America means wearing the right old school tie.” via The Art Newspaper

– Not art related per say, but related to culture and society at large. Robert Reich on “Why So Many Americans Feel So Powerless.” via Huffington Post


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