Suggested Reading: Socially Engaged

– No Longer Empty has been bringing significant exhibitions to abandoned or neglected public space throughout the city. The themes of the exhibitions are usually socially engaged and take on issues of poverty, inequality, and gentrification. Their latest exhibition, “When You Cut into the Present, the Future Leaks Out,” will be on display in the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse at 878 Brook Ave. from April 23 until July 19. The large scale exhibition in the South Bronx is bringing the debate on gentrification to the forefront. via DNAinfo

– A Blade of Grass has announced their 2015 Fellows for Socially Engaged Art. The artists include: Sol Aramendi, Adaku Utah, Kerry Richardson and Steven Ciampaglia, Nigel Poor, Laura Chipley, Mary Mattingly, Suzanne Lacy, and Dread Scott. via A Blade of Grass

– Strikes are continuing at The National Gallery in London because the museum is planning to outsource jobs, which would affect over 400 current employees. via The Art Newspaper

– One artist is taking to the streets to protest Google’s access to information in the digital age. via artnet

– Corinna Kirsch reviews the 2015 Open Engagement conference. via Art F City

– There is a petition going on for all gender bathrooms to be put into place at major NYC museums. via

– Take the quiz by Carolina A. Miranda “Coachella or Art Basel?” via LA Times


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