Suggested Reading: Engaging Artists

– The Engaging Artists group show got a nice review from Jillian Steinhauer. The recent exhibition at Hot Woods Arts Center (Red Hook, Brooklyn) featured the work of 14 emerging and mid-career artists who devoted six weeks or more volunteering at local homeless shelters with a diverse population of homeless youth, families, and seniors. The program was produced by More Art and led by Jason Maas, the Executive Director and Founder of the Artist Volunteer Center (see: Q + A with Jason A Maas). The work in the show does not seek out solutions to the crisis of homelessness, rather it was informed by the artist’s personal experiences working with the homeless community. Some of the work is the concept for much larger scale socially engaged works. More Art has selected two proposals from the resident artists to produce a large scale public art project. These works will be implemented in collaboration with homeless individuals and groups, and hopefully can have an amazing impact on the lives of many vulnerable and in need residents of New York. via Hyperallergic

– This is an incredible story, almost to amazing to be true. Surrealist, Claude Cahun and her lover Marcel Moore were two lesbian Jewish women in Nazi occupied England whose rebellious artwork subverted gender politics and Nazi oppression. In fact, Andre Breton called the pair “one of the most curious spirits of our time.” Cahun’s artwork is currently featured in two concurrent exhibitions. The first is at Jersey’s Museum and Art Gallery called Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore: A Life Defiant, and the second is at London’s Nunnery Gallery. This article written by Liza Foreman is a must read. via The Daily Beast

– Democrats in Congress are lobbying for two bills that would greatly improve the rights of the artist. The first proposal seeks a resale royalty for artists. The second would allow artists to deduct donations of their work to museums based on the works’ fair market value on their tax returns.  Unfortunately, this all seems unlikely to gain momentum with a Republic majority. I hope to be surprised. via The Art Newspaper

– The Venice Biennalle is set to open on May 9th.  Does Vic Muniz’ Giant Paper Boat for the Biennale make a profound humanitarian statement or does it trivialize the issue of Europe’s migrant crisis? via artnet

– I recently posted a short review of Leon Golub’s show at Serpentine Galleries in London. You should also check out John Ros’ review “Leon Golub’s Never-ending Fight Against the War Machine.” via Hyperallergic

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