Suggested Reading: Stay Tuned for More Art

While I’m plugging away and working hard on some exciting long form content for this blog, I’m going to be posting more quick suggested readings from around the art world. Stay tuned!

– If The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art isn’t on your cultural radar, then you need to make that amendment ASAP! The SoHo based museum features an incredible collection and exhibition program around LGBTQ art. Starting on April 3rd, the museum will host Critical Dialogues Around LGBTQ Art. via Hyperallergic

– “It wasn’t until the opening of the Triennial that I realized how important the sculpture would be for the rest of the trans community. More than one person remarked that this was the first time they had seen a sculptural depiction of a body that they could relate to in a major museum.” This quote is from artist Frank Benson on his sculpture of trans artist Juliana Huxtable which is on view in the New Museum’s Triennial exhibition. Antwaun Sargent write about “Juliana Huxtable’s Fight for Acceptance.” via VICE

– “The reason Saul stands alone is because he does something unique in the annals of postwar art: he elevates his rage to the point that it undermines its own didactic impulses.” John Yau wrote a great article on Peter Saul who was a good friend of the Rhino Horn Group during their incarnation. via Hyperallergic

– Want to journey into the mind of a great artist? The personal journals of Jean-Michel Basquiat are on view at the Brooklyn Museum. via artnet

– I’m happy to see that the hard work of contemporary Figurative Expressionist painter Joyce Pensato is paying off. I’ve always felt that the essence of Lester Johnson’s brush is evoked in her work. via New York Times

– Non-profit New York City based arts organization, More Art has a call for immigrant and first generation American born artists to participate in a socially engaged residency program. The deadline for submissions is April 19th. via Wooloo

–  Ever wonder who’s bright idea it was to commission that work of public art you love/hate so much?! On WNYC Radio, Brian Lehrer spoke with New York City Council member Jimmy Van Bramer on the role that the public should have on choosing their city’s public art. via WNYC


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