Suggested Reading: Spring Has Sprung Edition

– Artist/activist Dread Scott, musician and writer Johanna Fateman (Le Tigre), and multi-disciplinary artist Carlos Motta will be giving a talk this coming Thursday (March 26th) at The City College of New York exploring “Art, Social Change, and the Urban Sphere” via Hyperallergic

– The Engaging Artists Group show opens on March 28th at Hot Wood Arts, in Red Hook. The show features 13 amazing socially engaged artists whose work has been realized through volunteer work with the homeless communities of New York City. There is also a call for the next session of More Art‘s Engaging Artist Residency for socially engaged art practices. via More Art

– “Saul puts vicious private fantasies on public display, enacting what someone, somewhere is no doubt thinking. Or so we suspect. He rubs racism, sexism, and xenophobia in your face. I love his paintings, and think they rank as one of the signal achievements of American postwar art, an improbable blending of surrealism, Pop, and comic styles.” Andrew Russeth on the Peter Saul show at Venus Over Manhattan. Saul was a good friend of the Rhino Horn artists and even briefly formed a group with Peter Dean called the Torque group. His paintings share a similar gusto to the works of the Rhino Horn artists. via ArtNews

– Google’s Cultural Institute has ambitiously taken the initiative to document street art. Via Google Cultural Institute

– Anton van Dalen, a long term East Village artist visualizes four decades of the neighborhood’s gentrification within his paintings. via Hyperallergic


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