Suggested Reading: Art, Activism, Artspaces, and Awards Edition

– “The Museum of Fine Arts is literally located across the tracks from the African American community in Boston. During the protest years of the late 1960s and 1970s the artist and activist, Dana C. Chandler, Jr., charged the museum with institutional racism. The proclamation was sent to the Boston print and broadcast media.” Read more of Charles Giuliano’s dialog with Dana C. Chandler Jr. via Berkshire Fine Arts

– Pussy Riot’s latest song is entirely in English (their first) and is centered around the wave of police brutality and social injustice. Their song “I Can’t Breathe,”  is in reference to Eric Garner who was choked to death by an officer in Staten Island. via Youtube

– Acclaimed artist David Hammons is an elusive figure in the art scene, although his work speaks volumes. It is with great anticipation that he’s confirmed to open an artspace in Yonkers. via ArtNews

– Citizen Four, the Edward Snowden Documentary won big last night at the 2015 Oscars. via artnet

– In the summer of 2013 Lex Brown was the lead teacher and workshop coordinator at the Thomas Hirschhorn “Gramsci Monument.” She has weighed in on the growing dialog on the project’s outcomes one year after the public art project at the Forest Park Houses in the Bronx. via A Blade of Grass

“The fact is, golden ages don’t happen when exclusivity rules. Just the opposite. They come when the gates and chains controlling consumption, competition, production, barriers to entry, and innovation have been smashed to pieces, allowing more people to participate in more ways—both as producers and consumers.” Daniel Simmons’ opinion piece discusses a “60 year rut” and whether the art world will experience a new “golden age.” via Observer

– Here are six creative ways that artists can improve communities. via The Guardian


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