Suggested Reading: Social Engagement and Equality Edition


Jason A Maas, “Mounted Patrol,” 2011, Charcoal on paper, 38″ x 30″

– In the light of the dark events surrounding the recent wave of police brutality, Smack Mellon, a non-profit art space in Brooklyn, held an open call in what they describe as a means to “channel our outrage into actions that can facilitate systemic change.” Check out socially engaged work by Jason A. Maas, Nona Faustine, Hank Willis Thomas, Elliot Brown, Kurt Steger, Dread Scott, and many others in the group show Respond. via Hyperallergic

– “As the 2 train runs through neighborhoods of varying income, this musical data viz changes its tune and tempo.” Listen to this sound piece that expresses New York City’s income inequality. via City Lab

– “A silent war of stylized words is raging on the walls of rapidly changing Bushwick, only this time the culprits aren’t rival gangs but artists with dueling cultural agendas.” Through tagging popular local murals, one Bushwick artist wages war on gentrification. via Metro

– A public art installation by artist Andrea Polli called “Particle Falls” uses scientific data to create a virtual waterfall illuminating the threat of air pollution. The waterfall uses real-time air quality data and reflects the results by changing its colors. via UPR

– By dressing up as Captain America, it is this man’s goal to foster a national conversation about what it means to be American. Meet Captain America, with a Turban. via WNYC

– GIVING UP IS NOT AN OPTION: An interview with Dread Scott. via Africanah

– With many pressing and dire social issues to take on, two cities have made it their priority to quash free lending libraries. via LA Times


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