Suggested Reading: Past, Present, and Future

– “Of the mainstream curators and critics Judith E. Stein has been among the few to deal with issues of the emergence of the figure in the 1950s. The niche between the dominance of Abstract Expressionism and its replacement by Pop Art is the movement of Figurative Expressionism.” Charles Giuliano interviews Art Historian and Curator Judith Stein about her past projects on Figurative Expressionism, as well as her upcoming book (Eye of the Sixties, A Biography of Richard Bellamy which will be published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux early in 2016) on Richard Bellamy (1927–1998), a seminal gallerist (founder of the Green Gallery from 1960 and 1965 at 15 West 57th Street in Manhattan) who introduced many important artists onto the scene in the 1960s. via Berkshire Fine Arts

– New York City has just launched their Municipal ID Card Program. The program is intended to help those who are undocumented immigrants, homeless, among others. One of the many perks is that those who sign up for New York City’s Municpal ID Card Program IDNYC get free memberships to 33 cultural institutions. via New York Times

– John Waters is currently screening a new “kids version” of the cult classic 1972 film Pink Flamingos at the Marianne Boesky Gallery’s Chelsea location through February 14. In the 72 minute video titled “Kiddie Flamingos,” Waters, and a group of children actors perform a costumed table reading which lampoons the original film. via New York Times

“Art activists do want to be useful, to change the world, to make the world a better place—but at the same time, they do not want to cease being artists. And this is the point where theoretical, political, and even purely practical problems arise.” Read more from Boris Groys “On Art Activism.” via e-flux

Vandalism of Activism? “How Johannesburg’s Most Neglected Buildings Ended Up Splashed With Pink Paint.” via City Lab

– Want updates on Tania Bruguera’s status after being detained multiple times in Cuba while planning a public art performance on the subject of free speech? Read Carolina A. Miranda’s Q + A with Tania Bruguera on her art, her detentions by Cuban authorities, and what her next processes will be. via LA Times

“My preferred option is a fight for the city. You’ve got to be clear on what that fight would take, though: It involves challenging a trend that we have already let go very, very far. Otherwise, gas up the car, because we are heading to the burbs.” Ben Davis in artnet on why New York City’s art scene is “doomed.” via artnet
– “However, even when it seems as if we might be getting it right (the Museum of Modern Art will feature women in five shows opening this spring! four out of seven Tate solo exhibitions will go to women in 2015! the Hole devotes a show to “Future Feminism”! Georgia O’Keeffe’s “Jimson Weed/White Flower No. 1” sells for $44 million!), something is still amiss.” Read more from Ashton Cooper’s “The Problem of the Overlooked Female Artist: An Argument for Enlivening a Stale Model of Discussion.” via Hyperallergic
– Watch: “New York City is Killing its Grassroots Culture.” via Huck Magazine
– Photos from New York City storefronts taken ten years apart show gentrification and urban decay. via 22 Words

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