Suggested Reading: To a New Year Edition

Well folks, 2015 is just days away. But of course, there is still a lot to see before then in the art world. The holidays are always a nice time to take in some museum exhibitions that were lingering on my list. This year was memorable for monumental public art exhibitions, climate marches, and social protest. There were some great moments and some very low points across the nation. Here is the final suggested reading of 2014 (and to hoping for more peace and understanding going forward):

“Preferring to go after artists and graffiti writers while largely ignoring corporations and businesses doing the same thing. This double standard tells you what city leaders value more.” Creative Activists and 19 other powerless people in the art world (2014 edition) via Hyperallergic

– “We can’t leave this (art) world in a spot where faux cigarette butts command top dollar and a single unsmoked “loosie” costs a black man his life.” Artist Mel Chin nails it. His uncanny experience of attending the Art Basel with the heavy reality of the Eric Garner Grand Jury (non) decision. via Creative Time Reports

– What is in store for the future of NYC? Unfortunately more gentrification and ‘A Tale of Two Cities.” A historic building and neighborhood institution in Harlem will be replaced by….Generic and vapid condos of course. via Curbed

– This is a truly amazing gift just in time for the holidays. Political activist and philanthropist Barbara Lee has gifted the ICA in Boston with over 40 artworks including a great number of works by female and politically active artists. via ICA

Murals and installations by artists including Nancy Spero, Leon Golub, George Whitman, Barbara Sandler, Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring will be on view at the nearly complete LGBT Center in Greenwich Village. via Hyperallergic

– If you’re in Chicago, stay warm(!) and make a stop at the INTUIT Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art for the retrospective of Mr. Imagination (Gregory Warmack, 1948-2012). via INTUIT

– With the discourse about “Zombie Formalism,” (the new art market stars that seemingly regurgitate a watered down version of Greenbergian Formalism in their paintings that command more money than attention, IMO), we must revisit artist and theorist Martin Mugar’s discussion “Zombie Art:the lingering life of abstraction in New York that just wont die.” from 2013.

More to come in 2015!



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