REMINDER: Jay Milder and Peter Passuntino on Artists Talk on Art

Artists Talk on Art presents: Rhino Horn Group Re-visited Wednesday December 17th.

ATOA’s Critical Dialogues in the Visual Arts are currently held at:
Jefferson Library on Avenue of the Americas at 10th Street in Greenwich Village.
Wednesdays at 6:30 PM with seating starting at 6:00 PM sharp. Check this site for dates and details.

Join us on Wednesday December 17th at the Jefferson Market Library for a discussion with Jay Milder and Peter Passuntino. The two artists were seminal members of the East Coast Figurative Expressionist movement in the late 1950s and were part of the original seven artists of the figurative humanist Rhino Horn Group, and also participated in one of the earliest ATOA panels during the 1970s.

Art Historian and curator Adam Zucker moderates a discussion with artists Jay Milder and Peter Passuntino who will talk about a wide variety of topics including: their artistic origins, Figurative Expressionism and going against the currents of modernity, the founding of a humanist artist collective, their New York stories, and what they’re working on today.
Art Historian and Curator Adam Zucker
Jay milder

Peter Passuntino
Greater details on ATOA and its panels may be found at or by contacting Douglas I. Sheer at

as well.

Visit ATOA’s calendar listings at: 


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