Suggested Reading: Thankful for Art

I’m thankful for art. It has been the best and most profound way for me to communicate my thoughts, understand issues and the context of the world, and help others. This series of suggested readings before Thanksgiving are a compilation of my love for art and it’s transformative powers; whether serving to directly confront political or social discourse, or express the collective conscious and seeks a better way to interpret and understand each other.  I’m also thankful for all of you for following this blog and contributing your thoughts!

Watch Hyperallergic’s panel on “Performance art & Activism” featuring artists Nobutaka Aozaki, Christen Clifford, Amin Husain, Matthew Jensen, and Dread Scott. This is a great overview of the conflation of performance art and activism throughout the course of Art History! via Hyperallergic

– What is the role of aesthetics in arts for social change? A diverse lineup of artists, cultural leaders, funders, and activists weigh in on “The Beauty in Change: Considering Aesthetics in Creative Social Change Work” via ARTSblog

– “The libretto by Joseph Bruchac and Mr. Davids makes Minuit, the Dutch official who arranged the transaction, sound greedy and conniving. “I see handsome profits from this ground,” Minuit sings. A few bars later, he adds, “So dark and rich, the soil is gold!” And shortly after that, “Oh, bless me, Lord, I want this land.”’ Those are some quotes/lyrics from the New York Times’ preview of an Opera about the sale of Manhattan (the original gentrification of Manhattan) from the Native American perspective will be performed for one night only tomorrow (November 20th) at the Marble Collegiate Church, at Fifth Avenue and 29th Street. via New York Times

– “Over 98% of the Kingdom’s historical and religious sites have been destroyed since 1985, according to the U.K.-based Islamic Heritage Research Foundation.” Read about how Saudi Arabia has bulldozed over its heritage. via TIME

– Have you noticed that the art world has gotten more conservative? Jerry Saltz has. via Vulture

– I’d really love to see New York City become an even better and more bicycle friendly city. Perhaps something like this may be possible too someday! via NPR


One thought on “Suggested Reading: Thankful for Art

  1. Thanks Adam for the wonderful resources and the sentiment of gratitude towards art. I am also thankful for the role that art has come to play in my life, and for all the mentors and likeminded people that contribute to my learning.

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