From the Archives: Rhino Horn at the Benevy Gallery

In 1973, Rhino Horn Group members (Andrews, Dean, Passuntino, Milder, and Sperakis), organized a show at the Herbert Benevy Gallery (1972-1992) at 542 La Guardia Place in the West Village. They were joined by Isser Aronovici, who had showed with Rhino Horn (Passuntino, Dean, Fauerbach, Milder, and Sperakis) at the Odyssey House gallery. Herbert Benevy was a master framer, who owned a local frame shop. He partnered with collector Nicole Bumgener (Gallery Nicole) to form a contemporary art gallery that lasted for 20 years. Benevy famously purchased an immense batch of canvases (for $3 a piece) by artists such as Milton Avery, Rothko, and Pollock, after the dissolution of the WPA (Works Progress Administration)  program.



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