Suggested Reading: The State of the Artworld

– An exhibition of Basquiat’s southern themes will be on view at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Also at the museum, Rhino Horn artist Benny Andrews’ work will be highlighted by Prospect.3’s Artistic Director Franklin Sirmans, in collaboration with Ogden Curator Bradley Sumrall. It all begins this week in NOLA! via Ogden Museum of Southern Art

– “Instead of any grown-up conversation, what we have instead, what America apparently wants, is artists who are doing very expensive toys,” he says. “Jeff Koons is a good example. What kind of culture expresses itself only in childlike behaviour? Shit jokes and childish humour – and is greeted with huge popularity.” Successor of Figurative Expressionism, Eric Fischl on the state of the arts (fair). via The Guardian

Has Banksy been arrested and his identity revealed? NO, calm down everybody. What is the point of all these hoax news headlines surrounding Banksy? via Artnet

– Only in the art world might you read a headline like this: “Paul McCarthy’s Epic Plug de Noël Goes Flaccid After Mounting Problems.” via Hyperallergic

– This week (Thursday) you can throw your artwork in MoMA’s dumpster and enjoy retirement from the arts. via ArtFCity

– The Jeff Koons Retrospective at The Whitney has been vandalized…Again. via NY Times Arts Beat

– Here is your soapbox internet art enthusiasts: non-profit organization, e-flux has launched “e-flux conversations”  via e-flux

– How can art be a vehicle for address a problem that needs more attention? More Art and the School of Visual Arts presents No Fixed Address: Art as an Advocacy Tool for the Homeless. via SVA

– A 37 year old Chimpanzee has won the top prize in an online chimpanzee art contest organized by the Humane Society of the United States. The emerging artist won $10,000 for the Chimp Haven sanctuary in northwest Louisiana. More proof that evolution is a real thing. via AP


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