From the Archives: MUSEUM, A Project of the Living Artists


In 1968 a collective of eight artists founded MUSEUM, A Project of the Living Artists. MUSEUM was an artist-run 24 hour gallery inside a 5,000 Square foot loft at 729 Broadway in Manhattan. One of its eight founders, Sharon Brant recalled that MUSEUM was “intended to be a politically progressive community center for artists with the goal of supporting a more alive connection between art and society, without the dissipation of force and quality occurring so frequently in the current art establishment. Funding for the space was partly made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts. Naturally, this space was a perfect venue for the Rhino Horn Group whose show at MUSEUM opened on May 26, and lasted through June 16, 1971. In addition to Rhino Horn artists (Peter Dean, Jay Milder, Nicholas Sperakis, Michael Fauerbach, and Peter Passuntino) displaying their work Barry Schwartz, who included the group in his book The New Humanism: Art in a Time of Change (New York: Praeger, 1974), read poetry and rapped at the opening reception.


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