Ken Bowman Q + A

Ken Bowman with his painting "The Game Hunters"

Ken Bowman with his painting “The Game Hunters” Courtesy of Connie Bowman

Q + A with Ken Bowman and Adam Zucker 2/22/2011

Adam Zucker: Do you remember which artist asked you to join Rhino Horn?

Ken Bowman: Michael Fauerbach.

AZ: Was there a specific type of figurative painting mode that Rhino Horn fit into? Many of the members were considered Figurative Expressionists by critics, curators, and historians, however the group seemed to be more about celebrating the revival of all figurative painting/sculpture.

KB: Figurative work was out of fashion and we wanted to show our work. We had no idea we might be responsible for making figurative painting relevant again.

AZ: Why was figurative painting so important to you?

KB: I was inspired by some specific old photographs that were unique and would give me a theme for a series of work.

AZ: Where were the meetings for Rhino Horn held? Did you have specific titles or unofficial roles as members of the group or was it a loose process for making decisions?

KB: At each others studios. There was a loose decision making process among the group.

AZ: Can you recall any specific artists who expressed interest in being a Rhino Horn? Were there any artists that you can remember who were suggested as potential members?

KB: No. Can’t remember.

AZ: What was the process for creating these paintings/assemblages, did you use references from photographs or magazines? How did you create the texture in your painting?

KB:The photos were specific but I used my talent to choose the arrangements and the materials. I used collage for texture and impasto paint. The work of most of the other artists was cerebral.


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