Suggested Reading: Major Cultural Perks

Ai Weiwei’s message can’t be restrained! He has currently filled Alcatraz with portraits of political prisoners (and a large dragon too!). 

New government-issued ID cards come with major cultural perks! “The cards are meant to provide undocumented New Yorkers with a form of government-issued identification, and the supplementary access to cultural institutions ‘opens the door for hundreds of thousands of more New Yorkers to our City’s premier assets in culture, science and entertainment’” – Mayor Bill de Blasio

Congratulations to Rick Lowe on receiving a 2014 MacArthur Grant! Now what does this mean for social practice?

Tom Finkelpearl, the commissioner of New York City’s Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA), believes artists can save the city.

“Only venture capitalists can play with this balloon.” A little art world humor. We go to the gallery.

Bob and Roberta Smith call for NYC artists to throw out their bad art and retire.


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