Suggested Reading: Protest and Museum Edition

– Have you been following the controversy surrounding the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new Plaza? Here is the latest: Chargers are brought against a trio of protestors who were arrested for protesting the museum’s ties to climate deniers, the Koch Brothers.

– VICE magazine asks: Should Oil Barons Like David Koch Be Funding Our Museums?

– More free labor sought by big budget arts organizations. Hyperallergic reports: “The British Museum is a flagship cultural institution with 2013 expenditures of £115.4 million (~$186.2 million). It is also, according to a current online listing, seeking free help on its website and other “products” from experienced coders in the guise, naturally, of an unpaid internship or “student placement” with its “Digital Team.”

– A museum within a museum. “The Natural History Museum is a new museum that offers exhibitions, expeditions, educational workshops and public programming. Unlike traditional natural museums, it makes a point to include and highlight the social and political forces that shape nature.” Check out the museum through October 4th at the Queens Museum!

 – And a museum is established in Texas. Texas Department Of Transportation declares Elmgreen & Dragset’s iconic Prada Marfa installation to be “an art museum site”


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