Suggested Reading: Fall back into the Gallery, School, and NFL Season Edition

– It’s September and the galleries are back in full swing here in NYC. Have you ever wanted to walk across skulls inside a Chelsea Art Gallery? Check out Audra Lambert’s review of  Anthropos, currently on view Sundaram Tagore in Art Nerd.

– The NFL season begun with a major victory on a pressing issue. The league has enforced a strict policy against domestic abuse and the Baltimore Ravens have terminated the contract of Ray Rice after video surfaced of his alleged domestic violence. However, it didn’t come soon enough for many fans and critics. Artist Jenny Holzer has some words of advice for Ray Rice and the NFL.

– School is back in session.  Let’s ask ourselves “Who and What is Art Education For?”

– Do you think it is hypocritical that some major science museums are funded by anti-environmentalists? Read this interview with an artist collective who seeks to expose museum’s corporate influences.

– According to Ben Davis “Mattress Performance: Carry That Weight is almost certainly already one of the most important artworks of the year. I don’t think that’s a stretch to say.” Read about this poignant performance an art student at Columbia will continue until the man she says raped her on the first day of her sophomore year leaves Columbia.

– “There has been an angry backlash after the judge of an Indigenous art prize in Broome, Australia decided none of the entries were worthy of winning the prize.


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