A weekly ensemble of Links – Suggested Reading

– Critic Andrew Russeth has started a column weekly column called “Art of the City”, that looks into the nooks and crannies of NYC’s artworld in search of art that is edgy! Read his first post: “The Golden Spike and New York City’s Robert Smithson Problem”

– There has been a recent wave of Illegal Public Art such as two German artists planting white flags on top of the Brooklyn Bridge, a performance artist targeting the Jeff Koons retrospective at the Whitney, and a group climbing one of Moscow’s “Seven Sister” skyscrapers and planting a Ukrainian flag and painting of the old Soviet star atop the building in Ukraine’s national colors, yellow and blue.  Art critic Peter Schjeldahl proposes calling works/happenings such as these ‘Stunt art.’

– “As a black man played dead at the base of one of Philadelphia’s most iconic sculptures, tourists continued snapping photographs in front of the landmark, the intrusive body lying at their feet recalling that of the slain Michael Brown.” Ferguson has led to many poignant responses from the art community.

Would you ignore 101 chalk outlines of a black male body? “Body Count: Counting the Dead, #101,” a collaboration between Whitney Hunter in New York at Union Square and Preach R Sun in Ferguson, Missouri, at Michael Brown’s memorial, took place on the afternoon of Saturday, August 24.

– “Art professors and students lit fires under the civil rights and antiwar movements. Can they do the same for environmentalism?” Find out whether or not art schools can save the planet.

– Watch: Using art as therapy during conflict.

– Want to view a large selection of art and resources related to creative resistance? There is an archive for that.

– What are some thoughts on the Gramsci Monument one year later? Art F City’s Whitney Kimball finds out.


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