Connecting the Links – Suggested Readings for the week

– Remember Hyman Bloom? He was once dubbed the greatest painter of his time by Greenberg and Pollock...Art critic Charles Giuliano has reviewed Judith Bookbiner’s Definitive Study of Boston Expressionism.

– Peter Schjeldahl considers the mass-marketing oriented approach by the art world today and what implications this may cause.

Contemporary artists’ work will cover 100 plus water towers in NYC. This campaign not only pays homage to NYC’s iconic water towers, but aims to raise awareness of the global water crisis. Artists include Jeff Koons, Maya Lin, Mickalene Thomas, John Baldassari, Carrie Mae Weems and many others.

– What should the art community do about the continued social injustices in our communities? One suggestion comes from Carolina A. Miranda in the Los Angeles Times “After Ferguson: U.S. museums need to show a work by Natalie Bookchin.”

– If you look at Warhol’s red, white, and blue painting “Race Riot” (1964) on purely pictorial terms, forgetting for a moment its source and historical background, you are left with four identical views of a black man who is being bitten on the ass by a dog. Look at the crowd of black men and women on the other side of the street, eyes turned toward the police assault; in another context, they could be seen as spectators watching a parade. And for the white viewing public looking at the painting, the black man being bitten is a clown in a circus, performing the same act over and over again.” Read more in John Yau’s essay on “Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons and the Culture of the Hyperbole.”

Seeing the Invisible is an exhibition of 20 U.K. based artists highlighting realities of being homeless in contemporary society.


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